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How to fake/spoof SMS Messages locally on android.

I'm using an app called MockSMS, programmed by me to perform this action. I take no responsibility if you use it for dirty purposes. This is version 1.0 in this ...

Prankbox (Android app)

Play pranks on your friends, play pranks on strangers, become the best prankster in the world! Prankbox has all the tools u need to make your Android a mass ...

Spoof - Best Spamming App

WARNING* Your phone carrier CAN and probably WILL lock your SMS abilities for 24 hours if this is excessively abused! I don't know what else to say.

SMSPHREAK.com android app

Demonstration of using the SMSPHREAK.com android app. download from Android Market. Website www.smsphreak.com.

How to send fake sms using another mobile number free (Part-II)

How to send fake sms using another mobile number free (Part-II) Part -I How To send fake sms-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JsXPG-2dCY&t=12s ...

How to send fake sms using another Mobile no. Free.!

How to send fake sms using someone else Mobile no. كيفية ارسال الرسائل القصيرة وهمية باستخدام رقم تليفون آخر 如何使用另一个手机号码发...

Fake Your Call And Sms Android Application Review


SMSPHREAK.com Android app

Android app for SMSPHREAK.com demonstration. Spoof any number and fool your friends. Send messages from your friends numbers to your other friends.

'SpoofTexting' is a Pricey, Yet Effective Way to Trick Your Friends With Your iPhone

To learn more, visit http://www.JailbreakMovies.com WIth SpoofTexting you can spoof text message to play pranks on your friends. It works very well, but credits ...

FAKE A TEXT iPhone app

Use this app to fake a text conversation from anyone. Can be used to do good... or evil :) I'm a big fan of gadgets, but do sometimes find myself buying pointless ...

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